Advertising by Michael Serour

What is advertising? Advertising is any paid-for communication overtly intended to inform and/or influence one or more people.Also is how you deliver information about your company, product, or service to potential clients. It can be very expensive. by focusing on some key questions you can ensure that the money you do spend is effective. Michael Serour in his lectures is always stressing to ask yourself the following:
First, is my advertizing efficient? That is, do I have strategic process for assessing where i advertize, how often i advertize and how successful that advertizing is?
Second, Do I measure the results of my advertizing by asking my customers or clients where they heard about the business?
Third, Have I developed clear advertizing message that speaks in terms of the benefits my clients will receive as opposed to simply describing who we are?
Mike Serour has been a student of martial arts for twenty three years and a teacher for ten years. In 2002 he opened JOBO dojo in St Philip, ON. The dojo is a martial arts school that teaches traditional, old style Japanese martial arts.

Fun day at the Arcade

Arcade games, are coin operated games which are set up at different places. Arcade games were quiet famous in 70’s and 80’s up till the mid 90’s.Modern console games have reduced their importance. However there are still a huge number of people who play and enjoy arcade games. Arcade games, lost their importance to console games which offered better graphics. Today players can also us the internet to play multiplayer game which has had a major effect on arcade games. How ever Arcade games have sifted from fighting games to interactive games like Dance Dance Revolution, Virtual Cop and Drum Mania. I had a match with Michael Serour the other day. It was a fun day at the arcade. Mike Serour was not there.

We were at the bowling alley when Michael challenged me to a match at the arcade machine there. It was a fun competition and Michael won in the end. Mike Serour came to pick us up and we came back.